Question: Can Dragon be used generically or it’s integrated with a particular application? Put it differently, could I “train” Dragon to “press” a function key (Alt, Shift, F10, Page up, etc) REGARDLESS of the application? Dragon can also move the mouse pointer around through the Mouse Grid functionality. That functionality wasn’t demonstrated. I wonder how easy it is to use. Could it fully replace a mouse?

 Answer 1:  I use dragon dictate which I prefer to naturally speaking because I mainly do commands rather than dictating text. Yes, dragon dictate can be used generically: I use it with Lotus notes, SPSS (statistical package for social Sciences) and have used it with two bespoke software systems at work. Dragon dictate can be easily adapted to use software it was not originally designed for. You can also program in your own macro’s. I’m a data analyst myself and use commands a lot and find dragon dictate the best option. The mouse can also be directed by calling up what’s called a mouse grid or by merely telling the mouse to go up, left etc.

Answer 2: We have tried using Dragon software for a person who has severe RSI – she worked in our Internet/Intranet development section. I am not sure what development software she used, but Dragon did not work successfully with it, although she, and the supplier, worked hard on it – it seems to be OK, generally, with Microsoft Office applications. Unfortunately, she has had to give up working in that environment.

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