Acupuncture or Osteopathy

Question: Has anyone used any of the above and can recommend a good one who has experience with RSI sufferers?  Also does anyone know a Neurologist, Rheumatologist, or Orthopedic surgeon with interest in RSI sufferers?

Answer 1: I went to an osteopath who said, when there was no change after half a dozen sessions, that if nothing had happened by then, osteopathy wasn’t going to help me.  Since then I’ve been to a cranial osteopath – who is also a teacher of Alexander Technique. he uses both in combination with me, and it’s been very helpful.

Answer 2: I had acupuncture for a while but found it didn’t help me too much. It was OK for about half an hour to an hour but then it would wear off and be just as painful. Now, whether this was because they weren’t actually targeting the right area or not I don’t know. They were doing the acupuncture on my elbows and it wasn’t until much later that they thought that my RSI had ‘travelled’ to my shoulders as well.  However, I have been told by some

Asian friends of mine that use of acupuncture should be treated with care. Apparently your body will eventually become ‘immune’ to it the more it is ‘applied’ and so the good effects of the treatment will eventually become non-existent.

Answer 3: Seen my GP who said the rheumatologist said I had writers cramp! Is this a bit of a cop out or is it covered under WRULDs? Given the diagnosis were sedative pills the cure?  Anyway I’ve turned to an osteopath I saw 8 years ago – he is my last hope really. Within 5 mins, he had pinpointed 4 problems (e.g. neck, elbow, shoulder…) that were likely to be causing the majority of the pain. This is amazing as it has taken 2 years for a rheumatologist, 2 GPs, and 3 physios to come up with the same things!

The deep manipulation was very painful but I have great faith (and optimism) with him and will keep you all informed of my progress – he is even suggesting homeopathy!  I had ten sessions of acupuncture with no benefit at all.  For those looking at complementary medicine the BMJ are running a weekly series at the moment – well worth a look (see

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