Acupuncture and RSI

Question: I have been suffering from diffuse rsi for at least 1 year. Since December the condition has been very bad. Both my fore arms from the elbow to the finger s (although not all finger s) are very uncomfortable i.e. not painful but they are sensitive, fragile, tingly, numb, burny.  I have been seeing a manipulative physiotherapist for six months now and my condition has not changed a great deal even though I have changed the way I work in the office (I use voice recognition software and a special chair-Aeron).

My arms are very sensitive to most actions e.g. carrying, pulling, pushing, lifting, turning. This means that I do not drive, do not do any household chores or shower my self.  Many people have suggested that I should try acupuncture. Do you have any advice on acupuncture and its success rate in rsi sufferers.? My first impression about acupuncture is that it may aggravate my condition.  Also, can somebody tell me where I can get useful information on the Alexander technique?

Answer 1: I saw a Korean doctor once who showed me a point to press on my hand (she used the tip of a byro, which I found way to painful), which would relieve the rsi and loosen my shoulders. I did that for a while but that spot on my hand became really sore, so I stopped. I’d really like to try acupuncture/pressure again because I think it helped. I should really find out whether I was doing it right and how to avoid the soreness.

Answer 2: My physiotherapist uses acupuncture when my pain level goes beyond that which I can reduce through the sorts of drugs I am prepared to take, which are very few! I find it extremely effective and long-lasting compared with the alternatives, but in the long-term it is far better to focus on reducing stress on muscles and nerves through some sort of therapy rather than dealing with pain alone.

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