Can anyone tell me whether it’s possible to become addicted to either paracetamol or codeine?

Question: Can anyone tell me whether it’s possible to become addicted to either paracetamol or codeine?  I find myself needing painkillers nearly everyday, and part of me wonders whether it’s ‘addiction’ rather than ‘need’. I do try to be careful because of the danger of overdose – particularly paracetomol – but even so….  Any ideas, suggestions…. (or even better – knowledge!) gratefully received.

Answer 1: Codeine is addictive. It is part of the optiates family – heroin, morphine etc. Your doctor would give you the best advice, but I have found that neurofen or ibrufen (?) can help ease the pain when it becomes too intrusive. As with all these things, best used in moderation.

Answer 2: I think codeine definitely is addictive. I remember waiting for there, kick in my system about 20 or so minutes after taking them. When I got bad gladular fever, I was in hospital and they gave me codeine for the headache for about 2-3 weeks!  Now I take codeine only if in bad pain but even then it doesn’t really affect the nerve pain. I try and stick to paracetamol first of all and then the nsaids and then only codeine.

For the last few months I have not had any wheat, dairy, sugar, tea and coffee for hate most part( bar the occasional slip) and find myself even more sensitive to codeine. This lunchtime I ordered peppermint tea and this guy gave me earl grey tea. Unknowing I took a few sips and began to wonder why my system was feeling strange. I finally got my head out of the book and really smelt and tasted the tea. Boy I could feel the kick even after a few sips.

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