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Question: Does anyone have any idea where I might get a height adjustable desk so I can stand as well as sit? I’ve been to and but they don’t seem to stock them. Can anyone help?

Answer 1: I know that Ikea do this sort of thing, but it’ll cost you – probably the kind of thing only worth spending money on if you use it a lot. I have another office-type desk of theirs; while I like it a lot I think it was overpriced – working from home and a desperate need to improve my ergonomic situation were the justification..  Ikea have shops everywhere; I think their website is

Answer 2: It would have to be very high to stand at comfortably, and its unlikely that you’d be able to move it up and down easily. We have height adjustable desks at work but they have to be very sturdy/stable and the legs are therefore bolted into place once the correct height has been set. To adjust them you have to unload the desk completely before slackening the bolts and moving them. Not practical to move them regularly.

You might like to try one of those adjustable monitor arms that has a keyboard shelf built in below it. These are designed to move about freely whilst supporting the Monitor and keyboard. They’re available from most office suppliers. There are many types so you may have to search for one that has sufficient vertical movement for your needs.

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