Adjustable keyboard advice wanted urgently

Question: I have suffered from RSI in my forearms for the last 3 years (caused due to a combination of discovering the Internet, study and games like Doom!)  Am now working in the computer industry and I am amazed at the lack of understanding of ergonomics here compared to NZ.  But today my question is this – I need to buy an adjustable keyboard platform with room for the mouse as my forearms are not horizontal and are on too much of an angle hence sore.

The chair I’ve got doesn’t go high enough and I have had this problem of adjustable furniture in NZ as well. I really want a platform for the keyboard that will attach to any desk (so I can take it with me) and adjusts up and down. I’ve looked at PCWorld and they only have hide away tables that are no good. I’ve found a firm in London called Datasound who have a table but I would like to hear from anyone who knows of other firms or the reputation of Datasound (they have good stuff if anyone would like the number).

Answer: Why not telephone Computability and ask their advice? Computability are a non-profit organization who advise on computer equipment and software for people with particular needs. They have an advice line.  I was assessed there last year and found it really useful. I was able to use different kinds of mice, and so on. I’m not sure what sort of adjustable desks and so on they’ve got there, but I think that if they did not have the knowledge themselves, they would be able to suggest suppliers you could contact.

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