Advice for tenosynovitis

Question: I have tenosynovitis: my doctor diagnosed it right away, and it has been confirmed. I had wondered about that — though as you say, we are all different. Do you have any specific advice for people with tenosynovitis? — I have the kind where the thumb hurts, too, if that is relevant to treatment. — it is to splints, which are not kind on thumbs!

Answer 1: My thumbs cause me more pain than anything else. I’ve at last managed to get hold of the ‘trigger points’ book that was discussed on this list a while ago, and it has a number of sections that refer specifically to this kind of thumb pain – I’m taking them to one of my physical therapists to look at, as I know of no-one round here who works specifically with trigger points.

Answer 2: My condition varies every day. I never know whether I am coming or going. I was so severely injured initially, that my situation is parallel to that of the miners who have been in the news yesterday with vibration white finger. I can’t fight my problems. They are far too severe for that. I am permanently injured, and my attitude is now one of reluctant acceptance. I have to live my life around the injury as best I can. One aspect that I have to deal with constantly is nausea. If I try to do something in the house (that is often very minimal) it will cause intense nausea, and I have to stop. I actually have tablets to combat the nausea in itself, but once I get to this stage I just stop rather than taking excessive medication. This may be after perhaps 20-30 minutes of gentle activity indoors. This then has to be followed by 60 minutes perhaps of rest, before the sickness will recede. I wonder if many other people suffer from nausea as a result of severe pain. I don’t recall having seen it mentioned.

Answer 3: I am sorry. I am afraid of getting to that point myself, though what has not been looked into is surgery. I think I have seen something about pain causing nausea, but not on this list.

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