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Question: I’m at present finishing an archaeology PhD at Cambridge University, with worsening RSI, To my surprise, after gently nudging the librarian of the archaeology & anthropology library for more ergonomic kit, I’ve been officially asked to advise on what the library ought to invest in. I know what I like, but thought it’d be a good idea to ask a broader audience.Ergonomic kit would mainly be for the 4 full-time librarians, who as yet don’t have any real problems, and mostly move from job to job rather than prolonged time at one task such as data input.

Also for the public computer terminals, which are used by a large number of people probably for a maximum of 20 min person (most info is still paper-based rather than computerized). And cost needs to find a balance between sturdy & well made, and not wildly pricey. Generally the head librarian is interested & sympathetic to new kit, as long as he can afford it…

I was specifically interested in a roller ball mouse equivalent. This would be for librarians & open access for students/ researchers, so it needs to be sturdy (and not one where the ball can be easily removed – or carpet bowls will start up…) ergonomic mice – are these all right handed? Any views? ergonomic keyboards for Macs software to prompt breaks from the keyboard – I’ve got Cirque Stretchercise at home, but that’s PC not Mac. Are there any free trials that could be tried out?

Answer 1: Before we all start sending you urls of ergonomics-aware equipment suppliers, do all the computer peripherals have to be for Macs in this case?

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