Advice On Getting A Medical Diagnosis

Question: Can anyone else on this list give me advice on getting a medical   diagnosis? I’ve had a diagnosis from my osteopath of “Restricted upper dorsal spine with chronic ischemic muscle pain”, which he agrees with me is a type of RSI, but the last thing my GP wrote on my sick certificate was trapezium strain. I very definitely have diffuse but mild pain in the forearms and wrists, and at times excruciating pain between the shoulders and back of neck.

This has been for three months now, and although the osteo treatment is working slowly, I think I will need a more ‘medical’ diagnosis for the benefit of my employers.  Has anybody met the term ‘restricted spine’ before? Is there a more well-recognized term? If I can get my GP to refer me for physio – are they likely to give me a similar diagnosis – or do they use different terms? It’s all very confusing.

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