Any advice about yoga classes for people suffering from severe RSI.

Question: My boyfriend has asked me to write to see if anybody can  offer any advice about yoga classes for people suffering  from severe RSI. Would standard classes for everyone be a  bit strenuous for people suffering from RSI? He is based  in the London area.

Just to give you a bit of background, he started a new job  in December and developed severe pains three months later  in both arms after just three days of intensive computer  use.

He is unable to carry out everyday tasks such as lifting  objects, cooking, shopping etc and experiences constant  pain.

After 3 months off sick, with only one months sick pay, he  resigned and left work. He has sought the advice of an RSI  specialist in London and has had physiotherapy but this in  fact made it worse.

He has tried voice activated software but has had made slow  progress as his voice has been hurting even after a very  short time of using it.

At the moment we are trying to explore job opportunities.  Does anyone know of any specialist agencies or advice  centres who can provide information on employment  opportunities?

Look forward to receiving your replies.

Answer 1: Tell him to go to the Iyengar yoga studios. Also he can order tapes from Tapes were designed by orthopedic surgeon in California who is  also a yoga instructor.

Answer 2: Having taken voluntary redundancy I am now looking for a more RSI friendly working environment.  Unfortunately I haven’t come across any agencies specializing in helping RSI sufferers, but something I did find useful was to see a careers consultant in order to look at all the possibilities open to me which wouldn’t involve spending all day at a PC.

There are many consultants around, I used one from a company called TMP CEPEC who was very good (it was part of my redundancy package), but your local careers centre should be in the phone book and they offer free advice.

Unfortunately in my case I will have to do some retraining and take a pay cut in the short term, but this has to be better in the long run if it allows me to have an better quality of life.

My previous job meant that I was unable to perform the everyday tasks which your boyfriend is having problems with,  although I was working full time in permanent discomfort.Working in this way made me totally miserable and resentful of my work, not a situation that I want to find myself in again.

Has anyone else had a career change as a result of their RSI? It would be interesting to hear how other people have managed with this.  Hope your boyfriend finds something soon.

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