Question: I Have RSI – Teno both hands, Chronic Bursitis and two Frozen Shoulders.

Answer: I was just wondering: I have one shoulder that has severe limited movement, but this has been diagnosed as tendonitis of the rotator cuff & could be op’ed on, although we have decided not to. Has anyone suggested this diagnosis to you for your shoulders or are they definitely frozen? I have tenosynovitis & tendonitis in both arms, trigger fingers in both hands (op’ed & cortizoned) all diagnosed by orthopaedic surgeon, have you ever seen an ortho. surg. amongst all the meds you have seen? I now see him once a year, as something is always cropping up, so I don’t need to “bother” the doc. I do realize I’m lucky in finding a professional that acts like one.  In my experience, a good G.P. is one that will refer you if he/she is not absolutely sure of a diagnosis or treatment. I wish they would all adopt this attitude, I suppose their self-funding has not helped.

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