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Question:I would be very appreciated if anyone could provide me of the following information,   1) Any treatment eg. Acupuncture, medicated oil, seeing therapist… that you think is effective?
2) Any experts or specialists or hospitals, preferably in Manchester that you can recommend?
3) I am from overseas, I don’t know too much about how the medical system works here, my rights within an organization, etc anything that you think is useful that I should know.

Answer 1: Acupuncture, If you are going to try acupuncture then I strongly recommend making sure you get a properly qualified Chinese acupuncturist: a magazine called here’s Health gives the address you need to locate one. Medicated oil : I am inclined, not knowing more about your condition, to suggest a gentle massage with warm oil — any OK base oil would do. Medical system:The people I’ve suggested you see should help you with information like this. — You’re in computer sciences? I don’t know anyone there. But someone should be able to let you know about the medical system.Rights within an organization, etc: A Union of some kind and the Disability Rights Commission _should_ help, if simply to inform you. But I suggest you also see your local Citizens Advice Bureau as soon as possible.

Answer 2: I think the two books “conquering carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSI injuries” by Sharon Butler or “Its not carpal tunnel syndrome” by Bellis and Damanay would be a good place to start.
Also a Physio,who has RSI experience. Also searches the internet for advice.

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