Afraid to Install NAV

Question: Sorry! I suspect I may have been tryingto teach my granny to suck eggs here… 🙂 I was just showing off because it was something I did understand about computers. For a change. But as I said in another email just now, anything I can learn about computers helps me get less stressed out the next time and therefore in a small way helps me combat RSI… I’m still terrified to install my NAV though. What a wimp, eh?

Answer: I’m still terrified to install my NAV though. Get McAfee? Version 4.0 uses
the Dr Solomon virus engine, but incorporates McAfee’s distribution systems.
Best of both worlds. What a wimp, eh? That’s Window – Icon – Mouse –
Pointer[1], right? Sounds like you know which end is up in any case. Support
rule #3: The dangerous ones are the ones that _think_ they know about
computers… Cheers, [1] Or perhaps Window – Icon – Microphone – Pointer?

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