After-sales support for v-r packages

Question: Following on from my post about Kurzweil and the ACE5000 card — I’d be interested to know what users of various v-r packages think of the after-sales support they’ve received from UK suppliers. My own experience has been pretty abysmal, and although I think a lot of this is because of the problematic technology of the bundled card, it’s nevertheless made me wonder what sort of support is provided for v-r users.  For instance:  – Do most resellers in the UK offer support directly, or do they just refer questions back to the US software house? Do the resellers know enough about the packages to answer questions satisfactorily? Do they use the software themselves, or do they just sell it?  – Is the attitude generally helpful, defensive, or patronizing?  – Are some resellers better on support than others? Is it wiser, for instance, to buy from a larger company, with more resources, or are the smaller companies more willing to follow through and help sort out any teething problems?  – Is there a tendency to suggest spending more money as the solution to all problems? For instance, having been sold the package on the basis that it can be used satisfactorily with, say, 16M, do you then find that every problem gets the comment, “You need more RAM?” 🙁  – Do the resellers provide reliable advice about buying, installing, and configuring a sound card for use with the software, or do they leave it to the user to sort this out? What about the mic? Are alternatives offered, if the default mic doesn’t work out? What about problems with ambient sound — any help or advice with this?  Any comments on these questions?

Answer: I purchased PowerSecretary from VoiceWorks in London. They have offered excellent, friendly support and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.  Sound card? What’s that? 🙂 Yet another good reason for using Macintosh instead of Windoze! 🙂

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