Aggravated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Question: I am researching the cause of CTS on behalf of my Auntie, a CTS sufferer. She is in the process of making an industrial claim. My Auntie has been a seamstress for many years and has recently been involved in specific repetitive tasks that have resulted in CTS. Surprisingly there is suggestion that CTS had been induced by something else, such as menopause, and has only been ‘aggravated’ by the repetitive action.  What exactly are the symptoms of constitutional Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before aggravation?  I do not seem to be able to distinguish between constitutional CTS and the aggravated condition. Are symptoms only apparent through aggravation by a repetitive action? Can Carpal Tunnel already have been present, undetected?  If anyone could direct me to related articles or case studies, I would be extremely grateful.

Answer: I don’t know if I’m gonna’ be any help to you but I can tell you what happened to me. I waitressed all my life and this was the first time I had a job building cupboard doors, my right hand started to bother me the first two weeks of working but I thought it was a matter of getting used to the job. The pain went away not long after so I wasn’t worried about it. Two months later it came back stronger, my hand swelled up and it felt like pins and needles in my hand, it would go numb and I never had any feeling in my hand. Really scary for someone just 37years old. I would stay at home for a week and it would get better, so then I went back to work again. It got worse and worse as time went on. I had gone to the doctor and had test done on my hands, it turns out I had it in both my hands but the right one was worse than the left one. All the medication in the world wasn’t helping me with the pain. So my next step was surgery, I was scared but I needed to get the use of my hands back, so I had my right hand done on June 20th 99 it was very sore after surgery but it was getting better, no numbness or pins and needles anymore. I was using my left hand more now so it was bothering me by this time, I had the surgery on my left had on August 9th 99, this one seems to be different in healing than the right one, as this one hurts on the back of my hand on my knuckles and it is still swelling up but the pins and needles have gone away. It seemed like this problem just kind of came to me one day without any warning. The doctor can’t tell me if I had this for a long time or if it just happened to me, my job at the time didn’t help matters much but it sure did hurt a lot. I really feel for anyone that has this problem and isn’t sure what to do for themselves. it a real hard decision to make. If I can help you in any way I sure will try, tell your aunt that my heart goes out to her.

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  1. I have suffered with pins & needles in my hands & arms for a great many years, when I told my doctor about these pins & needles all he would say was it was due to my servical spondulosis trapped nerves in my spine.It used to wake me up in the night my hands & fingers felt like 2 bunches of bananas & all tingly,so for many years I have suffered in silence when the pins & needles came on while working I would have to stop until the sensation had stopped.Then in 2009 the fingers in my left hand went numb & in the winter my finger tips would always look white I didn`t really take any notice of them in the summer.I was refered to hospital early in 2010 I had electolosis tests & was told I had carpal tunnel syndrome,& the only way to stop the pins & needles was a operation on both my hands but because I had suffered from this for a long time they couldn`t say wether it completely cure me.So because I had been a joiner for 47 years & I could no longer do my job because of the pins & needles & numbness in my fingers I decided to go ahead & have the operations with the hope of being able to return to work.I had my 1st operation on left hand on 29th april 2010 & the surgeon told me after the op that it was a good job I had the operation as the tunnel was severely crushed I had my right hand operated on june 8th 2010 the right hand wasn`t as bad but 2years on from these operations I still suffer with aches in both hands which get worse when I use my hands.I have tried to claim thinking that it was my work that had caused the carpal tunnel, with having to carry very heavy fire doors about site & hanging them also having to carry other very heavy materials on site & that I had been using several different vibrating tools some of which I had recieved no training on & wasn`t supplied with anti vibration gloves,when I asked for them I was told I didn`t need them.But the medical expert I had to see for my claim has said my condition is constitutional carpal tunnel not caused through my work with vibrating tools or carrying heavy materials on site so I have had to abandon my claim even though I can no longer do my job. yours sincerely r.clark

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