Aining muscle

Question: I’m new to the list so I assume a little intro is appropriate. I developed rsi hard and fast in Feb, affecting both wrists. On sick for 7 months, now back only part time. Still can’t type/drive much/lift heavy things etc. I’m waiting for voice rec. software which I’m hoping will help my work situation. (At the minute I’m typing by hitting the keys with the rubber tips on upside down pencils). One of my main problem’s has been regaining my muscle wastage. It got quite bad as I got over dependent on splints at the beginning, when i couldn’t even lift a cup without being in severe pain. Physio exercises i was given didn’t help, too intense. I made a little bean bag which I squeeze, but a friend told me of an American product, dynabee, which is meant to help recovery. Has any one any experience of it. I looked at and I’m not sure if it looks a little too intense, otherwise has anyone got any better recommendations of regaining strength.

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