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Question: On a different subject, this will no doubt of been discussed to death  previously, but, given the recent evidence, is there any benefit in finding  the cash to do Alexander lessons. I know of a good teacher, however? 20 for half an hour is expensive if there is no benefit. In addition, has anyone found sports like swimming to be beneficial? I used to do weight lifting (for fitness), but I think that’s out!

Answer:That sounds expensive. You may be able to find another teacher who does not charge as much. Do you have the complete list of teachers from the Alexander Society?  I have been taking Feldenkrais sessions (the Feldenkrais method has some overlap with Alexander) and have found them helpful, in addition to all the other things I am doing to cure myself. Cost is ?30 for about 1.5 hours, and I think this is typical. Group work (Feldenkrais has two forms, individual sessions and group lessons) is about the same for a day.  Rolfing is something else to consider (I did this when the problem first occurred and found it helped). Usually expensive, but is not an ongoing cost, since it consists of a more or less fixed series of 10 sessions. Absolutely! I am convinced that exercise is an essential element of a cure. Look for sports that involve use of large muscle groups (it is a body use balance thing) and, as always, are generally smooth and rhythmic. I have started rowing, which meets these criteria.

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