Alexander Technique Practitioner

Question: Can anyone recommend someone who my wife can get training from in the Bristol area. She is a full time art student and price is very much a factor.

Answer: The Yellow Pages has a listing for Alexander Technique teachers, so you might want to check there first & then call around one or two of them. I’m currently seeing a guy called Colin Tully, in Redland. Julia Green –   who is also in Yellow Pages – & Colin are “a unit”. Colin (&, presumably, Julia) charges 20 for the first 1hr session & 15 for each follow-on 45 min session (although these often seem to end up nearer 60 mins!). I get on very well with Colin & I’m finding some benefit after 7 sessions (he recommends an initial course of around 20 sessions). John Gill is a name I’ve seen on brochures, giving me the impression that he may be slightly more commercially orientated. I can’t comment on his prices & skills.  It would be interesting to compare prices from different teachers – I must admit, I didn’t really do any “shopping around”.

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