Alternative keyboard question

Question: I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from tenosynovitis. I get pain down the outside of my right wrist when I move my little finger. I am currently attending physio for the problem, and my occupational nurse recommends that I try out a contoured keyboard (when the problem gets better), so I have checked out the typing injury faq, and see that the Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard and the Maltron are both contoured/sculpted.

I was told that it is very important to get a supplier to let me try them out at work for a week or so, to see if they alleviate the problem, and also to see if I can get used to them. So here’s my question, does anybody know of any UK suppliers of the Kinesis ( ) that would let me hire one for a while or let me try it on approval ?

Answer: Maltron do let you hire them before you buy one. I hired mine for 4 weeks and a cost of ten pounds per week (or roughly that price). This was then deducted off the cost of the actual keyboard.

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