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Question: There’s been a few postings recently about the Maltron keyboard – does anybody know where there are any pictures of this and what outlets it can be purchased from?  Also can anybody share their experiences of using the ‘glidepoint’ device? Again what outlets are they available at?  Ideally I’d like to be able to try before I buy!  An apology if this has been covered before.

Answer : Concerning postings about the Maltron keyboard

1) I can provide you with a colour brochure that has very nice some pictures in it. If you would like to let me have your postal address, I’ll send it to you.

2) Other than that, the following Web sites have some pictures:

3) You can purchase one from me. It is also available for hire at 10 pds per week, plus carriage, plus VAT, and a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended so that you can become familiar with it. Half of the hire cost is refunded if the keyboard is subsequently purchased.  I’ve used one for 8 years, and this message was typed with one, and I find it very comfortable, and have no desire to return to flat keyboards.

4) I switched to an ALPS Glidepoint a few years ago, and I am still using one of these to this day. It is programmable, to a very wide degree, and the programs can be operated from a single click on one of the three ‘buttons’ around the pad of the Glidepoint, or by single click of any key on the keyboard.

The ALPS Glidepoint is not a mouse as such, but a pointing device that is a pad that sits on the table/workstation, and a click or double-click is emulated by your own finger (hence you have more control over the stress (or lack of it) you put into the action, and movements are achieved by moving your finger across or over the pad, instead of moving a mouse about.

ALPS Glidepoint is available from a variety of well known dealers such as Misco, or possibly PC World. The wholesaler (Northumber?) who deals with dealers only can advise further. They are on tel. no. 0181 296 7088. ALPS Glidepoint used to be distributed by Rotec International, but they don’t anymore.

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