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Question: How much chamomile tea do you find you have to drink to get a therapeutic effect as a muscle relaxant? I’m veggie, so gelatine capsules aren’t an option, but my osteo reckons my shoulders are currently an over-tense mess!

Answer 1: I haven’t really tried the tea as such for this – just that I’ve always used it when I feel stressed or have stomach upsets – I often use one or two tea bags and have 2 cups, the second one made on the old bags. That dosage certainly well relaxes my mind. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with just experimenting – the only thing is that it’s a good diuretic when taken this way! I’m not drinking tea whilst on the tablets though.  However…  The capsules I have are made by Solgar and are labeled as suitable for vegetarians and vegans, free from preservatives, etc – so they should be OK for you…

Answer 2: If you’re shoulders are anything like mine were 12 months ago, a gallon of chamomile tea every day won’t help them – Tui na massage could though. It works on the acupressure points through clothing as it’s very deep (can be painful at first) but you’ll feel like a million dollars afterwards.

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