[Alternatives] Interactive Whiteboards, Touch screens, Mouse Tablets/pens, light pens.

Question:  I am looking for alternative ways to control one’s personal computer and I am considering with interactive whiteboards. I am also interested in touch screens/pads, mouse pen, light pens, speech recognition and character recognition. Are there people that have experiences with or comments on these alternative

Answer 1: You might try looking at the Mimio www.mimio.com which is much cheaper than the smart boards — about £350 (you do need a projector). I don’t really think that controlling the computer in this way will help much with RSI as holding your arm out is likely to cause just as many problems.

Answer 2: The mimeo seems like a brother of the e-beam device which is also much cheaper than the smart boards.I can imagine that drawing on a whiteboard all day long is not the final solution. Switching positions (stand up working with a board, sitting behind a traditional desk, using an lcd tablet (vertical like a touch screen and horizontal like writing on a piece of paper) might give better results. I am curious about other’s experiences or opinions. Although curiosity killed the cat I am still trying to get rid of my pc mouse.

Answer 3: Recently I got an abeam device (but you can’t beam your mother in law away with it (yet)) with a way too old projector (640×480) but I am working on borrowing/hiring a better beamer. So far surfing the net with it goes fine but my real goal is programming with a “modern” clickable big idea. Btw the free Philips voice surf thingy does a nice job too. This week I will get a wacom tablet and I will let you know the results.

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