Alternatives to Computing?

Question: As someone who has suffered from tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome off and on for a few years, I am wondering: does anyone know some other ways of learning about computers that don’t involve keyboard/mouse usage? Computer books seem to be mainly dry reference or instructional types, and there are few magazines that go above the novice level.

Answer: Interesting. I thought of a distance learning course — say the Open University — but you have to have a computer for that. At least though the teaching could be taped, so you wouldn’t need to take notes.  There are standalone videos of various kinds, but enough of them to do the job — assuming that the higher level ones even exist — would cost a fortune. (I used to get all the mailshots about this stuff when I was a Departmental Computing Officer.)

It might be worth asking the Open University if they’ve thought about this — if that kind of learning was what you had in mind.  You could try to get voice recognition software to help you with the computer use. My reservation about books isn’t that they’re dry etc., though they are, but that computer books, in particular, are so heavy they hurt my hands! — as does leafing through papers.

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