Am I Mad (I am now)

Question: I have just come back from the Rheumatologist and guess what he couldn’t find anything wrong with me and he said it’s probably all in my mind……. grrrrrrrrrr-argghghghghghhghg.  Well I suppose it’s what I deserve, what a fool I was to believe that a specialist could tell me what’s wrong with me.

Answer 1: I think you’ve just had the same response that probably everybody else has had from rheumatologists. I’ve seen two now, one about 5 -6 years  ago when this all started and another one at the beginning of this year  when all the old symptoms of RSI returned (I had been more or less free  of any pain at all in that time even though I was still using  computers). I’ve been told it’s all in my mind, something that I’m just going to have to live with and the only way to be rid of it completely is to stop doing what I’m doing to irritate it.

Which is rather impractical seen as I work with computers and have to work to pay my mortgage and can’t afford not to (surprise, surprise). It’s all very depressing. I know just how you feel. By the sound of things everybody on this list has been down exactly the same road. Rheumatologists, acupuncture, osteopaths, scans, alex.  Technique, physio and anything else that will maybe help. I know if it was all in my mind I wouldn’t want to spend all my money on all these things, they’re not exactly cheap.

Answer 2: Sorry to hear about your depressing result. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Answer 3: I saw a rheumatologist privately for a couple of sessions who could find nothing wrong. To her credit she never disputed the pain that I had by suggesting that it was in my mind, unlike my GP. I was referred for X-rays, nerve conduction etc, each time waiting for the appointed time and believing that this particular test would show what was wrong. Nothing. I still don’t have a diagnosis from any of the ‘experts’.  Like many other people have reported on this list you will spend a lot of time and possibly money seeking a diagnosis, but ultimately you will have to learn how to best live with your disability.

This does not mean you have to give up hope of find out what is wrong or a cure. I spent a couple of years being bounced around from one specialist to another, all who charged my medical insurance large sums of money without really telling me anything that I didn’t already know. However, a couple of weeks ago I went to see a chiropractor (who has been sorting my pregnant wife’s back out) after I developed pain in my neck. This visit was not related to the pain in my arm / hand (or so I thought). He took details all my medical details before any kind of hands on work, and did seem interested in my ‘RSI’ problem.

After giving me a full skeletal check over, he found that I have a couple of rotated vertebrae in my neck. He massaged and pressed, and generally did his stuff. The next day I was a little sore, the neck pain had improved but also my arm pain was reduced. I have had 3 sessions with him now, each working the same area of the neck and around the shoulders. Both neck and arm pain are reducing with each visit. He told me this week that only 1 more visit should be required on a weekly basis, and then 1 month later.

His opinion seems to be that no-one should have to have regular chiropractic work to solve a problem, just the occasional visit to keep things working properly – an attitude I fully support especially as I am paying.  I am not saying that this is the root cause of my particular problem, but it’s the best attempt I have experienced at putting it right. I’d be interested to hear the views of anyone else who has tried this.

Answer 4: You saw a Rheumatologist – he only specializes in one area. Don’t give up! Have you seen a physio or an upper limb specialist? If not, you should. Get back to your doctor and tell him it’s not in your mind and it’s not going to go away….

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