Amazing Kid

Don’t worry about babies too much. I’m a great one for que sera sera. Steve (my husband) and I have tried to be fairly laid back about Christopher (who is now 17 months old and just one big happy bundle of trouble. We’ve tried to be very relaxed about everything we do with and for him and consequently he’s been brilliant to ‘work with’. He lies really still most of the time when it comes to the ‘bum’ changes and using the good old disposable nappies is brilliant. They just have these little velcro tabs to fasten them up which are really easy to use. If he’s being a real fidget bum then I get Steve to help hold him down or if I’m on my own then I change him on the floor in the kitchen – nice washable floor in there! Sometimes though it’s not just cos he’s a fidget bum that he wriggles, sometimes he really suffers with a sore bum and he hates the wet ones then as they sting him. You just have to be patient.

At the moment we dress him up in jogging bottoms or shorts/trousers with no fastenings and jumpers/t-shirts. No buttons to do up there! And his coats have zip fastenings. If there are any buttons such as on cardigans, which he looks really gorgeous in, then I get Steve to do them up. When I was feeding him myself I used to lay him on a cushion to get him high enough or I used to lie on our bed on my side. Really comfortable for both of us. I really had a problem burping him and quite often had to get Steve to do this for me as Christopher was a real what name for not burping and suffering with colic! As it became obvious to us that he needed to be bottle fed then we introduced this gradually – a little bit before each feed and gradually increased the amount – and taught him to hold his own bottle. If he really couldn’t manage it then I used to prop the bottle up on a sheet or blanket folded up on his chest. It’s amazing what you come up with when you have to! And if I really couldn’t hug him whilst he fed then I would put him in one of these bouncy chair things but lie down on the floor with him whilst he drank.

The next problem I came across was feeding real food. Again husbands come in really handy here when they’re around. I found it hurt my arms a lot to hold the spoons to feed him – but again I have been very lucky in that Christopher has this burning ambition to just get on with life and all that it holds for him and he quite happily feeds himself – gets really cross in fact if Mum starts helping! It’s only over the last few months that I’ve had problems with picking him up. Christopher now weighs in at about 24lb – he was a strapping baby anyway arriving at 9lb 4oz. Most of the time, he’s happy for Steve to carry him but occasionally only a mummy hug will do. At that point, and if my arms are bad this hurts, you just have to grit your teeth and hug! Luckily though Christopher learnt to walk really early – about 7 months – so he’s actually very mobile and doesn’t need to be carried around too much. Even stairs are easier now – he throws a real wobbler if one of us tries to carry him down – he wants to stair hop on his bottom. If there are any other questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them. All the best.

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