Anti-inflammatory properties

Question: I went and asked for leaflets at my local health food store and I got this huge sheet which described all sorts of herbs etc, and their effects. Offhand I remember feverfew, devil’s claw, ginger and garlic as having anti-inflammatory effects.

I also hear that special preparations from the turmeric plant family are being tested for arthritis, but these will not be available until later. It might go some way towards explaining why I grew up having to drink horrid turmeric milk every time I had a sore throat! It is a common thing in Indian households.

Answer: A medical herbalist has prescribed for me an anti-inflammatory mixture which is helping and has no side-effects. Like all herbal medicine, it acts slowly and the benefit is not felt until about a month after starting.

1. Feverfew available as tablets (not so good) or freeze-dried capsules (much better) from any good health food store. Also grows easily in the garden – eat two fresh mature-sized leaves per day during the growing season – resort to capsules in the winter.

2.lignam vitae, black cohosh, sarsparilla, celery seed available as tinctures from a medical herbalist, who will know the doses.  Black cohosh is particularly recommended for women – I don’t know about its usefulness for men.

I’m also taking a herbal diuretic which reduces the fluid pressure in my wrists, and makes a big difference locally.

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