Any views on this one?

Question:  My husband just rang after paying to go and see a private physio. The   therapist a blind practitioner called Mr. Woods at Guildford  Physiotherapy  Clinic (any one heard of him?) reckoned that its a muscle problem from  over  use and bad posture. No true medical term for it. Although he does have hyper-mobile wrists (?) He reckons ice treatment, basic exercises and voice recognition software is the way to go gradually building up the everyday tasks to some degree of normality….   Is this what you’d expect to hear?

Answer 1: I think you are fortunate to have a knowledgeable physio. They are not that common, at least where I am. For that matter, doctors too.

Answer 2: Hyper-mobile wrists just mean they have a larger range of movement than normal.  My concern about the diagnosis your husband received is: what tests did the physio do to make it?  Did the physio do the stretches on your husband’s arms to test for ANT? (Your husband would have been lying down and had his arms twisted and bent so they go through their full range of movement).  Did the physio check out your husbands’ neck and back for problems?  Did the physio check for myofascial pain and trigger points? Finally, what basic exercises did the physio recommend for your husband?

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