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Question: Sorry to be a pain about this, but this “blindness” towards a very debilitating problem infuriates me. I had just embarked on a career of teaching IT, I loved working on computer, and can no longer pursue this. Anyone who tries to insinuate my problems are imaginary has little sympathy from me!  Anyway, just wish to add that depression can be a side effect of RSI, not the other way around. Issuing anti-depressants to cure RSI is akin to giving crutches to someone with a broken leg, and not fixing the break!

Except in exceptional circumstances where the sufferer may have already been suffering from depression.  One more thing, stress obviously exacerbates RSI symptoms. Stress causes the body to be tense, overworked muscles and nerves cannot deal with the additional strain – hence more problems for the sufferer.  Apologies for getting on my high horse, but this is so very annoying!

Answer 1: I was given anti-depressants at the very beginning when I started to suffer badly from RSI. I was told that I wasn’t being prescribed them for depression but that they would dull the nerve ends and therefore dull the pain. They didn’t work.

Answer 2: Hang On – didn’t I read somewhere that anti-depressants are prescribed, and are effective, for reduction of chronic pain? So the mere fact that a GP suggests them shouldn’t *necessarily* be taken to mean that the GP is implying “it’s all in your mind pull yourself together etc” .

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