Anyone have any ideas?

Question: I’m starting to get really worried now. Despite being off work for 3 months and hardly touching a computer, my hands and arms appear to be getting worse – 20 minutes at the computer and I have what feels like nerve pain for the rest of the day. Starting to lose dexterity in my fingers as well. I’ve tried loads of different ways of typing, but they don’t seem to make any difference.

Seeing a orthopaedic physio also recently, although there has been no real effect so far.My doctor wants to put me on antidepressants, thinks I’m imagining the whole thing……. Anyone have any other ideas about ways to approach this?

Answer 1: Don’t let them fool you into believing it is all in the mind. I had this for the first 5 years I had my problems. I am now awaiting major ligament reconstruction.  I know many people have had many different tests … for me it was an MRI scan and an arthroscopy that proved my problem.  A Tens machine may help (see if you can borrow one before buying one) also perhaps Alexander Technique Lessons???  Just some ideas that have helped me.  Best of luck Dave, but DON’T let them fob you off with Depression.

Answer 2: I have CTS along with other RSI related problems – mostly due to overuse of computer. Like said above, and many other sufferers, I now have problems with housework and other “simple” every day use of my hand and arm.  This is most definitely not in the mind! Find a more sympathetic doctor, many doctors do recognize and understand that repetitive or overuse of hands, arms and even legs causes damage. In fact, common sense and a little imagination can tell us it would.

This is not a “modern disease, confined to use of modern technology – the Ancient Greeks reported it, Leonardo De Vinci suffered from it.  As already mention, don’t let them fob you off. It is very real and there are plenty of medical representatives who acknowledge this.

Answer 3: I am in a similar situation to you. I have managed to use some input devices to reduce the trauma on my hands. I use kingston trakabal, Maltron keyboard, two swivel arm supports, RSI guard and a chair with a lumber support. You shouldn’t use a conventional keyboard it’s deadly. Never work through pain. You must use software to pace your keyboard and mouse activity. The more you work through pain the longer it will take to recover.

Remember you are not imagining it. Rsi has been around for three hundred years. Doctors are taking a bit of time in dealing with it. Try another doctor.

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