Anyone heard of Mr Rolph Birch?

Question: My GP has arranged for a second referral (I saw a rheumatologist at the end of last year) with a consultant orthopaedic surgeon (Rolph Birch) at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, apparently he’s interested in, oh dear, can’t remember the name of it, my GP even had problems pronouncing it, something to do with the collection of nerves located under the sort of pec region (more like armpit/breast area)), which IS a sore area for me.  Has anyone heard of him? Anyone had luck with Orthopaedic surgeons?

Answer 1: I’m seeing an orthopaedic surgeon called Mr Bayliss next week (27th) – I’ll let you know if he comes up with anything useful.

Answer 2: I have not heard of Mr Rolph Birch. But Mr Ian Fyfe my orthopaedic surgeon is wonderful. I saw him at the Clementine Churchill Hospital in North London.

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