Anyone want to review this book?

Question: I’ve received notification of “RSI and the Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders”, author Dr P V A MacLoughlin, publishers Peterborough Press.  According to the information provided, the book is aimed at medical practitioners, health workers, and lawyers, but the author hopes “by the avoidance of unnecessary medical jargon, and the provision of a comprehensive glossary, that a wider audience particularly WRULD sufferers themselves will be helped to understand a group of commonly increasing complaints.

If anyone wishes to review it, please let me know and I’ll ask for the review copy to be posted to you directly.

Answer: I’d be interested in reviewing the book – what sort of length are publishers looking for, do you know, and when is their deadline? (I’m off on hols. 1st 2 weeks Sept). Who is the review intended for?

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