Apple adjustable keyboard?

Question: Does anyone have any experience of the Apple adjustable keyboard for RSI problems?  Or of any other keyboards for an Apple Mac that might help?

Answer 1: I have one of these and it’s OK but not brilliant. The main problem is the incredibly un-ergonomic function keys and escape key. These are tiny little buttons which hurt your fingers when you press them. The result is that I have completely unplugged the function key part of the keyboard as it’s unusable. This is a shame because having a single key for cut/paste etc. reduces my typing a lot.

Answer 2: Yes, I’ve been using one for years. In conjunction with a mouse, Artpad and PowerSecretary VR, I’ve been able to keep my RSI under control. IMO, it’s far better than the overrated Maltron keyboard which I had on trial a while back.

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