Are you suffering from the equipment you’re using?

Question: I have read the various discussions in this list with interest.  What I might be concerned about is whether there are any members of the list who are using equipment that they find either uncomfortable or painful. In which case, obviously they need to consider their position with a view to stopping, having their set-up checked (i.e. have a workstation assessment carried out by a qualified person), and/or changing to more suitable equipment.

The VDU regulations from the EU are a good starting point, but for me, at least, they do not address one piece of equipment that is very important ergonomically, and that is the keyboard. If a change of equipment is contemplated, perhaps considering changing to an ergonomic keyboard might be a wise move each individual will have their own preferences, and will have seen several models mentioned in the discussions here.

In serious cases, either stopping or switching to voice-activated software would probably be best in the individual’s interest.The VDU Regulations seem to concentrate a great deal of attention on the chair! I used to wonder about the wisdom of this, until I experienced continuing discomfort from the chair being at an incorrect height; even using an ergonomic keyboard will not compensate for a chair that is at the wrong height for you.  Are any members currently suffering from the equipment they are presently using?

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