Arm rests

Question: Has anyone had an experience with arm wrests? And the correct way to use them

Answer 1: I was given wrist splints and arm rests. The arm rests were a waste and I can only use the splints for an hour at a time as the muscles apparently was away if you wear them for too long.  Can anyone tell me where I can get the supports which simply go round your wrists and not half way up your arm?

Answer 2: I used the ergo-rest supports, which allow you full movement in a plane, completely supported. Superbly manufactured in Sweden, I think. I borrowed a pair from my local job centre, which you may want to do before you buy them, as they cost about 120 quid each, so 240 per pair. I think QED will supply them: 01329 828444. Ask for a catalogue as they have lots of other gizmos too.  Actually in the end I don’t use them very much, but I’ve lent them to others in my department who swear by them. I’m more into speech recognition as my solution.

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