Terry Michael Cross, HHP/LMT: As a sports injury therapist for more than 25 years, I know how to relieve pain for my clients. But how do you take care of your own arm pain, without seeing a therapist? Well, you’ve got to have the right therapy tool. It has to be easy to use. Pain relief must be highly-effective, and not take a lot of time. Be portable, light, strong and affordable. All of that? Armaid.

As you can see, Armaid looks, well, different. Well here’s why: it’s a lever. A lever for your arms. And levers do wonderful things for us every day. Think of scissors, nail clippers, nutcrackers, bottle openers; there’s all kinds of levers, and levers increase and amplify your strength, and so it is with Armaid. With little effort, you control as little or as much pressure as you want. Having this unique advantage – to easily adjust pressure in real-time – then allows you to use the most precise and effective therapy techniques that are used by professionals to relieve tight, painful muscles.

Armaid will rotate all around, to reach any spot on your arm, and will adjust right in here, for any size arm. It’s built tough in Maine, USA, and carries a ten-year warranty, so if you break your Armaid, replacement is free. The website has precise instructional videos, and also testimonials from people just like you who have helped themselves, and returned to their careers and the activities they love. How? By using Armaid. Fix your own arms.


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  1. I have one of those 🙂 I wonder if there is a physio contraption that I don’t have in my living room! This is good, you may find it really hurts more initially or later that day. But next day your musucules are freer. It untightens the arms and wrist and hand muscules, helps the blood flow. But it’s all about prevention and maintanance, and I would say this is more for the relapse or crisis phase, very clever though.

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