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Question: Do you, or anyone else, know of a supplier for the ArtPad, please? I am in the process of trying to find an alternative to standard setup and maybe that would be worth a try. Most retail and m/o suppliers have them. Try Computer Warehouse.   Also an ergonomic keyboard has been suggested and I wonder if anyone has any views on the use of one of these (with a PC) as opposed to, say, a short k/b with an artpad or any combination of these?

I would really like to ditch the standard mouse as it is becoming more and more difficult and painful t o use, but maybe if I altered its position, by using a short k/b that would make it more ‘friendly’? If I go for the curvy ergonomic k/b does anyone know of a wrist rest that fits these?

Answer: I think an ergonomic keyboard makes a lot of sense – look at the way your wrists have to twist to suit a normal keyboard. Splitting the keyboard eliminates the twist and immediately puts the wrists into a more natural position. It takes a while to get used to the new set-up, but it’s worth it and my keyboard has certainly enabled me to continue working.  I don’t use a wrist pad, preferring to keep my hands unsupported. The thinking behind this that a pad puts pressure on the wrists, which is the last thing you need. In fact,

I believe a wrist pad made my RSI WORSE, and things improved when I got rid of it. Having said that, I do have a small pad for my ArtPad hand, but I rest my arm (not my wrist) just below the elbow on this, with the ArtPad set back about 10in from the edge of the desk. This part of the arm is less vulnerable to pressure.  As I’ve said before, I keep a mouse to the right of the k/b and added an ArtPad to the left, this means I can switch between the two to relieve stress, although I use the Pad most of the time.

I’ve got into the silly habit of keeping the stylus in my mouth, so I’m waiting to suffer tooth strain! 😉 The Apple k/b I use is ‘short’ – the extended section is separate and I keep it behind the main one because I don’t use it much. I agree that extended k/bs are a problem because your mouse hand ends up half a mile to one side.  Some people on this list use Maltron k/bs and find them excellent. I had one on trial, though, and thought it was c**p, if you want to know more, I’ll give you the gory details.

Finally, don’t get despondent, my RSI may never disappear, but I have learnt to cope with it and taking the right precautions has made it much better. You can choose to fight it or submit to it.

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