Any of you using Artpads with OS/2?

Question: I’ve seen a few emails from people using Artpads or other Wacom tablets – are any of you using them with OS/2? If so, which tablet and using which drivers?

Answer: I used a new Wacom Artpad (the small one) when I first got severe RSI symptoms, and I found it very useful as an alternative pointing device. As I recover I no longer need to use it for this (for basic mouse activities it is less good than a “real” mouse) but still use it for any drawing work (for which a “real” mouse is not practical).  I am trying out the Anir mouse through the trial scheme.

First impressions (I have only had it a few days) are that it does provide a genuinely useful alternative, and is ergonomically superior to a standard mouse. Not quite sure about its use for fine work (but then a conventional mouse is pretty naff for this too).

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