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Question: I am a sufferer of RSI and have already had one hand operated on for suspected CTS. I am not entirely happy with the outcome of the surgery as it only fixed some of the problems and would dearly love to hear from Australian sufferers who have had similar problems. I realize that this is a UK group – but it is more than likely that Aussie folk are subscribed for the same reason as myself; education and support.

My usual doctor has taken 12 months maternity leave and I have been handed over to a Dr. who doesn’t seem to think the problem is as bad as I say and doesn’t really seem to know much about the problem.I’ve been to a neuro who did Nerve Conduction Tests – negative both times! I’ve been to an ortho bloke who did the CT surgery but I would love to know if there are any specialists in Victoria or another state who really know about RSI and its treatment so that I don’t have to feel that I am alone with my problems.

Any information re Australian specialists etc. would be gratefully received.

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