Petrol Pumps

Question: There was a discussion some time ago about problems with petrol pumps, and someone posted with info about a very clever, simple, cheap little plastic gizmo that holds the trigger in place without any of the dangers of the … Continue reading


Question: How does one qualify for DLA? Answer: I am surprised at RSI sufferer’s being eligible for DLA. My health was always of more importance than the next person (as far as I’m concerned,) as my wife is severely disabled … Continue reading

Pesky Mice

Question: I have tried numerous mice, but the contour did not work for me. I got terrible pains. The only one that works for me is the Anir mouse. When I need to do some precision work I use a … Continue reading

Personal Injury Claims

Question: Does any one know how to start such a claim? I’ve spoken to a personal injuries lawyer who has told me I have no hope of winning as I’ve only been with the same employer for 7 years and … Continue reading

Personal Injury

Question: Can anyone refer me to any written material about legal matters concerning personal injury? Answer 1: Incidentally, for those who haven’t seen it, there is an excellent article, “RSI – Litigating in the UK”, which can be found at … Continue reading

People and Facts for TV Doc

Question: I have a commissioning editor interested in RSI for a new TV health series, but I haven’t fully convinced them that I have a sufficient range of stories. Could you tell me a little more about your situation? Also, … Continue reading

Seeking advice

Question: Hi. I’m a male, around 40 years of age working for the last 18 years as a Executive Secretary / Office Coordinator. I a have lot of job responsibilities one of which is heavy typing work. I’m always under … Continue reading

Seeing my GP – any advice

Question: I have an appointment with my GP next month, following a first appointment I had with him last week re my RSI/tendonitis/whatever. He was helpful and supportive so I’m not afraid that there will be any problems of the … Continue reading

Seeds and chilli

Question: I searched for pumpkin seeds on the internet but could not find much at all. They are high in zinc etc. Answer 1: The medical herbalist I go to says 1 tbsp per day of pumpkin seeds and sunflower … Continue reading