B vits do they work?

Question:  I have been wearing magnets for a while now and have found that if I for any reason forget to put my magnet bracelet on, I certainly am much stiffer as a result! I don’t think this is in any way a psychological effect at all – the bracelet does seem to help me when I wear it. Also, I have a friend who has an elderly horse who suffers from stiff   joints, lameness etc, and she absolutely swears by magnets for her horse, so it can’t be just in the mind can it? Yes, unless the horse was examined by a vet to see if there was any improvement.

But if it made the owner feel that the horse was feeling better, it could still be worth it. 🙂 B6? Well, I don’t know about the RSI benefits, but it certainly helps my psychological make-up. Could you explain a bit more about this? Do you mean in general, or do you mean linked to periods? Actually my GP also recommended it for period pains, so it must have some therapeutic value for muscular pains etc. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on how/why it helps with period problems.

It’s a diuretic, so that would explain why it would help with bloating but not why it helps with other PMS symptoms like pain and mood swings. Mostly they seem to think it might be a hormonal effect. But then I’ve often had the impression that hormonal shifts can also make the RSI pains worse/better so it might be the same sort of action (if there *is* any B6 action on RSI pains, I mean).

Answer 1: I take a B vit complex for various reasons:  – to help with water retention/period pain – to try and keep nerves/tendons etc as healthy as possible – due to tendency towards low iron count/anemia I take supplement to ensure that all iron intakes (including iron supplements on prescription) are hopefully processed properly (iron needs the B vits to be absorbed). As the low iron count can lead to an all over feeling of tiredness, which of course makes the rsi and period pains feel worse…

I think my RSI tends to not feel so bad if I have more energy (i.e. good iron levels in my case). I just have to be careful not to jump around otherwise all those supplements might start to rattle around inside!  I think a good balanced diet of all vitamins/minerals etc probably helps the rsi, as your body needs to fire on all cylinders in order to try and cope with the trauma your muscles/nerves/tendons etc feel. And of course your body can’t store these, it needs a daily intake to try and stay healthy.

Sorry to prattle on, but I guess we all need to make sure we get what our bodies need to function properly and if that involves supplements then so be it…but only taking B vits may not be a solution, possibly need to look generally at intake of all minerals and vitamins as none work in isolation.

Answer 2: I have been taking a couple of supplements for 1.5 years which contain a total of about 25 times RDA Vit B6, plus masses of other vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients. As result my health has improved greatly (I will be 70 in a few20 months time). Unfortunately, a slight burning pain along the line of the sciatic nerve in my left leg has not been affected. I have had this  condition for about 20 years and I assume that it is RSI due to dozens  of years spent depressing vehicle clutches while driving.

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