Can I ask, is anyone using B6 and if so does it seem to help?

Question: Can I ask, is anyone using B6 and if so does it seem to help? how much are you taking? are you taking magnesium with it?   and undesirable side-effects?

Answer 1: About 6 or so months ago I started taking quite a heavy dose of oral combined B vitamins (from the health shop) and a few months after that the GP also gave me similar (to ward off a load of nasty buggies that were plaguing me). I took each for a months’ course and can’t say I noticed any change on my symptoms. Perhaps they woke me up a bit (other half says they work for him in this capacity) but not a lot else.  Also tried high dose multi-minerals but no noticeable effect.

I remember a thread on the list a few months back about this – some people were saying that injected B Vitamins did something – I know a colleague at work who swears by the injections for general vitality and stress/tiredness.  I did wonder about dietary supplements in general because I have a lousy diet compounded by food allergies which mean I miss out on a lot of things, and the health shop are always keen to tell you that you must take extra this and that… but haven’t yet found the wonder cure…

Answer 2: There are no unpleasantness with vitamin b, it’s water soluble, so you can’t overdose. however, you should take b-complex, as they all work together. magnesium i don’t know, but not aware of anything

Answer 3: Haven’t had any positive results with vitamin B-6 in the past, although I’ve just began taking an alternate form called P5P which has some supporters in the medical community. I am not really expecting to any miraculous results, but I like to try everything.  I have digitized an interesting article on B6 and P5P as therapeutic supplements for RSI and posted it on my website (URL below). You will find it in the THEORIES section, FYI.  Devon Girard Shakuhachi Enthusiast

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