Backache and RSI

Question: The trouble with having excess curvature in the spine is it puts extra strain and pressure on the nerves, probably dramatically increasing the chances of some kind of nerve dysfunction. This is where back and RSI problems probably correlate. Between the shoulders blades is very tight for me and this is an area in which the sympathetic nervous system is very influential. Someone with better medical knowledge may be able to expand on this further.

<Snip> this struck a chord with me, as the area between the shoulder blades is constantly tight and very tender.My Alexander teacher tells me that I have improved muscle relaxation in this area, as well as higher up across my shoulders and down the sides of my ribcage, but sometimes I just have to take his word for it. I do have a fairly curved spine, and tend to stand with my hips thrust forward, spine curving back and subsequently neck thrust forward in order to keep my head level. Well, that’s what I used to do, and I urge people to scream at me if they ever see me doing it now.

Answer: This sounds reasonable. I am suffering from something similar, but I am currently working hard on trying to sort my posture out and making big improvements.  My first treatment was a physio which was on the NHS, the physio said “Oh, get a job which you don’t have to use a keyboard”.. Hmm very useful. Suffice to say this wasn’t very successful.  I am fortunate enough to be covered at work by private health insurance. I have been seeing a different physio at a Bupa hospital. The difference I found was huge. When she first touched my spine I hit the roof because it was so inflamed.

Each session it improves (a combination of exercises, the physio ‘mobilizing’ the spine more and Ultrasound). In addition it was recommended to keep working if possible so the treatment would be more effective.  Basically what was explained to me was that the head goes forward stressing the spine. The spine then tries to compensate, but this results in a loss of movement in the neck (i.e. turning head side to side) the resultant swelling in the spine presses on the nerves of shoulder and arms causing them to hurt. I’m not a doctor, but hopefully this makes sense!!!!

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