Question: I have recently had intense pain across my back and up my neck which the doctor said is a problem with my trapezium (?) muscle. After a week’s course of strong painkillers the pain has stopped but has anyone else had this problem, is it RSI related?

Answer 1: That is rough. Do you have an RSI diagnosis?  Tennis elbow is an RSI. Have you seen a rheumatologist? (Don’t be alarmed. I saw one. It’s a good referral for someone with, or who may have, RSI.)  I hope someone who knows a bit more than I do can answer your question

Answer 2: I’ve had over 10 years, C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7 herniated disc mine was labeled. Stem of neck, shoulders, down arms (mainly my right because I’m right handed and use). Left shows worse on MRI, into hands. Had surgery, and got worse. Living off pain pills. Had every test thought of? Some pain relief other than meds. is occupy the mind as often as possible. Will not have operation again. Repaired one disc, just to hit another and left a not so bad disc which with age would cause me to have another surgery, so I remained with problem.

Hate meds use to take 21 pills, down to 9 a day.Have been out of work for 7 years, trying to return, to work within my restriction, staying home is not the answer for me. You can handicap the body but you don’t have to handicap the mind. But employer’s can put you in that position, by sometime, setting you up for failure, so that you won’t succeed. So that you will eventually quite, get fired or go out on disability, when in fact you can work within restrictions.

Not everybody has that lazy mentally, which they would like to label you. Not saying all employers are that way but there are many.And there are some abusers, pretending, who can seriously make it difficult for others. No one enjoys pain. Anyone knows any links to Herniated Disc/Cervical Infusions connecting it to RSD. Those with RSD / RSI if you have any swelling at all, get those cameras out. I had to prove my case to a doctor who one week, he saw me and said I should have testing.

2 weeks later he forgot who I was, and ask was I, imagining, when he compared my ankle / leg with his and said he couldn’t see the problem……I got rid of him fast.But direct pictures, straight from your camera do not lie, my ankles had went down a little, he never bother to check other, but my legs were the size of a baby elephant leg, and I couldn’t barely walk. I’m a photojournalist, I keep a camera available, and documentation is extremely important.

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