Bad keyboarding habits

Question: I’m new to the list. I’ve had RSI-type problems (tenosynovitis and additional stuff in my forearm) since last summer. I’m seeing a physio, take lots of breaks and have done my best to sort out a healthier workstation. I’m also blessed with a supportive boss (despite being a psychologist, it’s never once been suggested that this is all in my head!) However, as I try to adjust my working practices, I’m discovering that I’ve got a bad habit which I suspect may be contributing to the maintenance of the disorder:

I hit the keys on my keyboard really hard. I’m a touch typist, learnt to type on a typewriter, and used to have a laptop with a very “sticky” keyboard which required a good amount of pressure. I’m now wondering how to stop doing this. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how have you broken the habit? Is there any software/equipment out there that you’ve found helpful?

Answer: Ibuprofen gels BP   avoid anything with “added warmth” works if you put it on far more thickly than the instructions suggest. You have to work the thickness out for yourself, I’m afraid. Basically if you feel mildly ill you’ve overdone it.  I know that isn’t helpful but it was when I still had a job and before I got splints the only way I could get any sleep (the mild sleeping pills I had couldn’t overcome the pain)

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