Balan Chairs

Question: Following on from ‘Seats for Posture’, I have just found out what the seats I was on about are. They are balan chairs and are supposed to transfer your weight to your hips and legs and off your back. Has anyone got any experience with them? Can you tell me whether it would help posture and RSI?  I found the balan chairs at this web page (in Ellen’s email – thanks), go have a look it is great:

Answer: I have had a “Stokke balans chair”, type “Variable” for a couple of years before I developed RSI. I used to like it a lot; it definitely helps you sit up straight, even without back rest. I know of two others who are quite fond of the chair; one with and another without back rest. Still, it is a personal matter and you should try it before buying. I also heard of people who cannot get used to it!  Since I have RSI I felt I could use as much support in the back as possible to ease my pains in the neck and shoulder. The Stokke balans chair was suddenly not comfortable anymore.

I have considered upgrading to the “Duo” type with back and neck rest, but I didn’t because of its high price (2000 dutch guilders = approximately 600 UK pounds). I finally bought an ordinary office chair with slightly tilted seat, and offered my “Variable” for sale.  I would personally recommend a Stokke chair with back rest and arm rests if you can afford it. You can find more info at

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