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Question: I’m trying to concentrate on gentle stretching as a therapy I can do myself, at home, every day. I wondered if anyone on the list had achieved any significant results with stretching for diffuse type RSI. I don’t mean major, dramatic breakthroughs, just either general mild improvement or at least a staving off of deterioration. I’ve built up quite a collection of RSI books now, inc. Pastorelli, Ruegg and umpteen others inc. books specially on stretching and I’ve developed a little programme that I do once an hour [ideally] as recommended by the NHS physio.

I’ve only just started doing this consistently, so am not expecting any dramatic improvements just yet.  Also, in all the books, I can’t seem to find a stretch specifically for tennis elbow type pain [lateral epicondylitis]. Does anybody have one they can recommend, or would general forearm stretches be beneficial?

Answer 1: I believe stretching is useful — I do it to fend off “diffuse RSI”! I also now and then stretch my fingers and hands and I’m fairly sure that’s given them back _some_ of the mobility I lost when I had to rest them. But there’s one stretch in Pascarelli/Quilter that is apparently not a good idea. I have forgotten which (I suspect your body will protest at doing it!).  I haven’t come across a stretch for tennis elbow ever. General stretches may help?  I hope you’re keeping well   I see you’re still avoiding voice software, now if Barbara Cartland can do it, so can you 🙂

Answer 2: I’ve got mild RSI and have found that gentle stretching helps me – I definitely tighten up and start aching without it. Every 45mins or so I get interrupted by a reminder program and do the set of stretches from this website:

Answer 3: I have diffuse RSI. Stretches from my physion have helped. Keep doing it. Also running to get the circulation going. I definitely saw some improvement over time, but then over did it (moving furniture around my house!). I have just started swimming, and this seems to help the lower arms and hands – it’s like an all over firm but gentle massage.

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