Bicep pain

Question: Has anyone suffered from bicep pain i.e. pain on inside and outside of upper arm linking up to neck? And did you find anything that helped?

Answer 1: Yes – I tend to find it affects me when I try to rotate the arm/turn the hand. I get a lot of stiff necks too, both from front and back muscles.

Answer 2: Bicep pain is a recognized trigger point, I’m not sure if there has been a discussion about trigger points recently but people with RSI muscular type problems such as extreme tenderness along the shoulders neck etc are often found to have “trigger points” which are highly sensitive. I have had RSI for a long time and have visited physios, acupuncture, pain management courses and everything else but am currently seeing a chiropractor who has been quite helpful in improving some of what I consider to be secondary problems such as neck, back, hip ankle everything pain brought on by tensing my body against the original and ongoing RSI problems.

Among our visits he has shown me some very interesting charts showing various trigger points around the body which can go into spasm and become painful for apparently no reason. The medical profession still don’t particularly understand trigger points and why they spasm but they do at least accept that they do get very painful. The way my chiropractor “likes” to ease off trigger points such as in the bicep is to put pressure on them, for example with your thumb and to press as hard as you can bear and then move your thumb around the spot for as long as you can stand, this torture is surprisingly effective at releasing the trigger point and getting it to dissipate.

The same goes for the shoulders but you do have to press quite hard and it does make you feel sick but, hey what’s a bit more pain.Try and find a chiropractor that knows about trigger points, there is a big book about it but I don’t know the title. If you don’t like that try a tens machine, that also works on bicep pain and shoulders if you can bear the tingling. It doesn’t cure the problem but does provide relief which for most long term sufferers is as much as you should hope for.

Answer 3: I had about 5/6 trigger points on the right forearm, bicep, shoulder and neck treated by acupuncture. My physio gave me the option of the pressure method or acupuncture. Since it had already hurt severely when he had pressed to find the trigger points, I opted for the acupuncture even though it sounded scary and I’m not that keen on needles. I rather suspected the pressure method would be painful and unpleasant!

The acupuncture was really good. Apart from a pin prick I couldn’t feel any pain and it worked really well and had the added bonus of making me feel dreamy and relaxed, as it has stress relieving affect. I would highly recommend the needles if you have lots of pain at trigger points.

Answer 4: The book is The Trigger point manual by Janet Travell. The best way of getting rid of trigger points is to correct the cause, which for the ones in the shoulders is normally bad posture.

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