Question: I have diffuse RSI, which has improved enormously so that so long as I am vigilant and keep up my various regimes I can now continue with life fairly normally. One aspect which I am still working on is transport.20 I used to cycle to work regularly. While my problems were acute, I stopped cycling to avoid the jarring of my hands.  Having tried again recently, I am now aware that the awkward position of my neck and shoulders was probably contributing to the buildup of “things going wrong” over many years. I currently have a Peugeot “hybrid” and my use are mainly in town.I still don’t think I could face a rough track! Fortunately, gripping isn’t a problem for me.

I am walking, or using the bus now instead, but I find carrying things a strain. I am reluctant to increase my car use (although of course for many of you this is the only option). I think too much “wrong sitting”, including driving, also contributed to my RSI. To balance the “Cars” discussion, has anyone found a wonderful bicycle?  I am 5ft 10ins and prefer a women’s frame. Shops don’t tend to stock large ladies frames, so would probably have to order one especially to enable me to test ride it.

I don’t contribute very often to the list, so would like to take the opportunity of thanking David Ruegg for the best description of diffuse RSI I have seen. (In Repetitive Strain Injury. 1999, Largo. 0 95347 18 0 2 A37.99).

Answer 1: Some Americans with RSI use the “sit-back”, reclining bike. One uses it to cycle through the centre of Boston so I assume its city-traffic- worthy. I can find out more, when they wake up after their festive whatever.  Carrying things: I find that a problem too. The recommended answer is a wheeled trolley. How to haul that onto buses etc. easily, I don’t know. I do have things, and thing is the word for them, that are basically huge backpacks with wheels (huge backs on wheels with backstraps?). As I have non-diffuse RSI, I’m still using ordinary backpacks. (I haven’t got a car.)

Answer 2: Just a note for you about a bit of kit that MIGHT be useful.  We bought a trolley/backpack from one of the post order catalogues a couple of years ago, mainly for our caravanning holidays. It might be a good compromise for carrying things (the one we have even has a cool compartment).

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