Big trackballs

Question: I would like to buy a big chunky trackball with a large wrist rest and a large ball.  I looked at the Web page Alternative/ergonomic pointing devices and saw four that were potentially appropriate: ITAC personal mouse-trak, Kensington expert mouse/orbit, micro-speed PC-trak/Win trak, and CH products trackball pro.  As anyone tried any of these or similar and what do they think?

Answer: I have an ITAC mouse-trak trackerball and its absolutely brilliant. I have had it for about 2 years now and have had no problems with it.  I have bad RSI as a result of clarinet playing combined with working at a computer keyboard all day. 2 years ago I could not work because of the pain – I identified the mouse as a major source of the problem. I visited the Computability Centre where I tried a number of mice/tracker balls/ other pointing devices – the mouse-trak was by far the most comfortable.

I bought one and find I can use it without aggrevating my symptoms. The minute I use a conventional mouse my RSI is back. I also use DragonDictate voice recognition software if I have a large document to type.

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