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Question: I am told my RSI problems are linked to chronic muscular tension in my upper back. It occurred to me that some form of biofeedback device may be helpful in assisting me to relax and reduce this tension. Does anyone know of suitable devices / suppliers / clinics in the UK?

Answer 1: I had chronic muscular tension in my back when I had RSI – this was termed adverse mechanical tension. I am now basically completely recovered – see my web site, URL below, for details on AMT and other related things. Also check the list archives and RSI-UK list web site.  Biofeedback may well help – I did not try it myself.

Answer 2: Part of my treatment for RSI involved working the “lower traps”, to pull my shoulders down, but at the same time to avoid using the deltoid muscles, which are between the arm and where my waist used to be.  I had real difficulty coordinating this, until my physio bought a biofeedback device. He connected one electrode to the muscle I should have been working, and the other to the muscle I was working when I shouldn’t; output from the device was then input to an old PC which I had donated to him.

When I did my exercises, we were able to see a graphical display, updated in real time, showing the effort I was putting in to each muscle. Learning to use one and not the other was then a matter of making one line go up the scale, while trying to keep the other lower. Sorry, I don’t know the name of the machine, but it was very effective.

The clinic is:  Physioworks 1st Floor Avery House 1-3 Avery Row London W1X 9HF Their phone number is 0171 4091539; fax 0171 4092008

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